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Maigreat Group Retail Services will offer a global standard of interoperable products to monitor, control and automate the purchase and delivery of goods. It will also help retailers' manage their supply chain. It will provide retailers with a ready-to-use solution, dramatically reducing the time and effort needed to enter and succeed in the retail marketplace. Maigreat Group Retail Services will be an easy-to-use standard that delivers a comprehensive solution for retailers to improve the consumer's shopping experience while reducing shrink and lowering overhead costs that will ultimately lower prices for consumers. Consumers will use innovative handheld devices to shop smarter and more efficiently. Retailers will strengthen consumer relationships, reduce time in checkout lines, gain insight into shopping behaviors that improve consumers shopping experiences, add secure payment options, and manage their supply chains with Maigreat Group Retail Services. Maigreat Group Retail Services will support a fully integrated ecosystem of technology suppliers, merchants, distribution centers and both residential and commercial consumers in providing a standard way to purchase, fulfill, automate and monitor the purchase and delivery of goods.
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