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Maigreat Group Institutional Sales

Maigreat Group offers a wide range of innovative products to its consumers and its partners. Maigreat Group recognizes the importance of the quality commitment of its institutional partners and is committed to deliver products of the highest quality.

Institutional sales workers work for investment banks and sell securities to individuals and companies. They must work in a team, locating potential sales leads through market research. Institutional sales workers are also responsible for communicating with clients who have contacted the investment banking company, a bit like sales people. They are responsible for finding out what their customer's financial goals are and then providing them with the products necessary to meet these goals; these products are only from the investment bank that employs the institutional sales representative. The institutional sales representative is responsible for organizing company meetings to talk about progress made with sales. Low progress in this role will be treated as if you are a normal sales person and targets are all part of the bonuses paid and also the job's lost for people that do not reach their targets.

We have long-standing relationships with many of the top small-cap portfolio managers around the country. Because we are intensely focused on small cap companies, our sales team seeks to truly understand our investment recommendations and to personally know the management teams of the companies we cover.
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